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Monday, 28 November 2011

Race to the moon~

Writing with the state of peace in mind, butterflies in the stomach.
Why is the reason of people being so racist?
         Perhaps we divide into races because we came from different planets. Indians from Mars, Chinese from Neptune, and Malays from Jupiter. Only aborigines and local tribes are the earthlings, the others are aliens. We're fugitives from different planets after endless intergalactic wars . We are enemies in the past,  we need to be hostile towards each other, prepare and wait until the final war begins.

Please, that is most ridiculous.
         Perhaps we are made to hate each other , and protect our own colours to the end of time. There is a genetic misunderstanding between races which made us completely repel each other. The different colours that we had meant different charges which opposes each other. This is a pure assumption, false and weird.What, genetic misunderstanding? Seriously?
         I'm a deadly pessimist-yeah- but at least I'm not racist.
What is there to be proud  of races? Does it matter if I'm black, white or blue? This polemic had turned the world upside down since the brink of time, but still , the explaination of the causes are invalid and insignicant. Why?
I am a Malay. So? Does being a Malay provides me with some kind of enormous inheritance, limitless wisdom, or whatsoever? Does a Malay literally means the KING of the  land, the conqueror of the Malay lands, Malay of the seas? Heck, I'm stupid and weak.
    So what is so good of being differentiated and signified by races?

    Who said that a Malay holds the rights of the land and power and education and money, and everything? We, named ourselves with races, and gave ourselves rights, then we proclaimed its truth and strength until the end of time. Who gave that right to us? Who made those for us?
We are all humans, nothing differs us.

      I felt so alien with this racist world, I only wish I was born raceless . Is that possible? I dont want to be Indians, or else I will  be discriminated for my colours and my traditions. I dont want to be a Malay, or else I will brag endlessly about my non-existing rights, strength and I will be as stupid as always, lazy and useless. I don't want to be Chinese, because I will be an outcast in a country I lived for decades.

       This racism   is endless, unless something is made to stop it.

What's the difference between races? We all have perfect eyes, noses and hands. We laugh, we eat and we cheat. We play DOTA, we're addicted to the internet, we eat cereals in the morning. We cry when we're sad, and we hate when we need to.  Then, what differs us?

Can that race-labellings give you salvation in the Hereafter? I'm a Malay, I have more chances of not going to hell. Seriously?

             It was  said that a race holds a right over a piece of land, wealth and power. Who made the lands, and who gave them all the power? A strong stand should be based  on rationality, and facts, so where is the basis of this racist thingy?

         It is because I'm a descendant of a certain race, my bloodline is written with all kinds of fortunes, and which all other races  cannot acquire. Did I worked so hard for those fortunes and rights? Should I have them?

        The basis of self-proclaiming of one's rights on something, must be based on his/ her efforts to get it. If I studied so hard, I deserve a degree and an award for it. If I worked so hard, I can have the fruits of my efforts. Failure is a whole different issue. The main subject is that being born  in one's race does not mean anything free, any rights or benefits. You worked so hard , you deserve success. You're so useless, you shall get nothing. You are an Indian, so? Does it matter?

So tell me people, what is the basis of racism?

Nope. Nothing.



  1. huh, totally interesting....so, what're the next steps? steps that suit to overcame the disasters that befall malaysians nowday or probably muslims in islam's land here?