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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Mother's Tale.

"Mom, why is dad in jail? Did he murdered someone? Is he a terrorist,Mom?"

Drops of tears formed at the horizon of the mother's eyes, but she wiped them away. There's no reason to cry.
She didn't answer that question, no, she didn't know what to answer.
What is the perfect answer for a child who lost his father, without a reason?

" Haziq told me that Dad is a bad criminal, and that is why he's in jail, isn't it , Mom? "

Mother stopped doing laundry, her hands cupped at her face. She couldn't stop herself from crying anymore. However hard was it , the dilemma she had to endure, she was still a woman, with a heart. She had the rights to cry as much as she wanted.
It was really pointless to silence her kids forever, they will still ask, again and again. Where's father? Why is he in the news, why is he in jail?

The mother herself wants an answer to the question. Heck, they took her husband away years ago, without a single court proceeding, nor explaination, nor information, nothing. She had wasted too much tears, and probably too much money. She had asked them hundreds of time, of the reason they put her husband in jail, yet they provided no answer.

The ultimate information she had was that she married a decent man, with a decent work. He was flawless,angel-like, innocent and kind. She had no idea, why would such a lovely father being kidnapped from her perfect life. He was the man who would rush home from work every single day, just to have a simple dinner with his beloved children, and to kiss his wife between the eyes. She had checked his profile thoroughly before marrying him, she knew that she did. He was probably not a robber, not a corrupted man, not a drug dealer, seriously, he didn't have the guts to kill an ant. She asked his colleagues, and they admitted that her wonderful husband was indeed, perfect. They themselves had no idea, why would they take him away. He must had an alliance with the aliens to take over the world. Seriously.

Life isn't fair. Life's cruel.

She spent countless days, in her pursuit, to free her husband, and to reveal his darkest secrets,of what did he did. Lots of lawyers meant lots of money, and her savings were little, too little. If he really had an alliance with the enemies from neighbouring planets, then the authority should have captured some aliens in the country. Seriously, no aliens were caught. If he robbed nothing, bribed nobody, and punched no one, then ,could he be the mad guy who invented the most superior weapon ever, that could wipe the whole society off in a second, like the extinct dinosaurs; all died in a sudden death. No, he's just a clerk at a small office, he even failed his SPM.

Then, if the men who took her love away can't answer her children's questions, what are the options that she has? She was a timid housewife, they were powerful men, with all the powers and the wealth. It's already KO before the match started.

The mother had to start a new life, to support herself, and the innocent kids. She had been doing house chores since the brink of time, and now, she had to work to support the family? Without a certificate, in this materialistic , profit motivated world, what choices did she had? No work meant no money. No money meant no house, no food, and no education for the immature kids.
The mother was a responsible wife, she was a caring mother. You can go to the corner near the road, exactly across her house, the young mother should be at the small stall, selling nasi lemak.

She spent so much time crying, she only stopped to prevent herself becoming like Kassim Selamat. She handled the house chores alone, all the men's works , alone. She learned to drive her husband's old car to send the kids to school. She taught her children, of how to pray, of their homeworks, of their attitudes, she taught them to be humans. She did everything- bank accounts, bills, lawn mowing, nasi lemak, breakfast, dinner and lunch. Superwoman!

She met his husband at the damned jail every single weekend, she brought together her tears, her complaints ,and her children's questions. She's still young, she needed the love that every single woman had. She wanted to know her husband's answers to the questions, but he was silent each time. His eyes were sunk in his face, like a zombie without brains. The handsome face suddenly looked like a criminal , the tough muscles turned limp and weak.

The mother never went to a university, yet she knew that her husband has the rights to be judged, to get a trial , for whatever that he did. She never read a single book about laws, yet she knew that her husband must be proven guilty, to be detained, held in jail , like cows awaiting slaughter. Heck, that's seriously common sense. If her husband planned a coup d'etat, to topple the government,together with the group of rebelling clerks, then where are the guns? Where are the clerks' fortress, their masterplans, and the bombs? What are her choices? A divorce?

Her children were still young, yet they knew that you can't punish another kid after accusing him stealing their candies, without a single proof. " You stole my toys, although I didn't have the proof that you did it, but I know you did it. You did it! You did it! I know you did! I will smack you into pieces, how dare you take my toys, I know you did, although no one saw you, and I found no toys with you. But still, you're guilty!" . No, that's is gravely wrong, mother will be as angry as hell to hear that.

A child knows that you can't punish another kid without proof. That sense of sensibility, doesn't require someone to earn it at Oxford or Harvard, it is seriously common sense. The child knows that he can't pinch his friend all in a sudden, to prevent him stealing his toys. " I'm afraid that you will steal my toys, therefore I have to pinch and punch you , again and again" . That kid, seriously, is a horrible bully, people should not let him live on this planet.

The government , with their Internal Security Act, is inhumane, their mentality is much worse than aliens. Dictatorship; at a whole different level. Pharaoh of the 21st century.

The mother doesn't have to suffer anymore. She has the rights to live a life.

Life's not cruel, and life does not suck. We can make it better.

Banish ISA. Peace.

"O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do."(Al-Maidah;8)

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