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Friday, 6 January 2012

This is absolutely clean. Please.

                      When you have diarrhea, your whole life orientation shifts. Either you are a student, or an employee, or just a simple human, the directions of your life on that particular diarrhea day changes. You can't study much, you can't even play games, even Facebook turns out to be disgusting. Your direction on that day is towards the toilet . The Toilet, remember. The continuous flow of shit from you is ,well, endless, and that will make you suffer and beg for sympathy. You need to go to the Toilet every ten minutes, if not less, because you are enslaved by the Toilet. You are lucky if you are at a decent house, or an hostel, because having diarrhea in public locations is most inconvenient. You might consider wearing adult diapers if you are in places which restrict the usage of water, yeah.    


                  Clearly, having a diarrhea is so not very good. You might get dehydrated, emaciated, and perhaps die in the next few days. Lucky you, because you can die, because the suffering can end peacefully. But to those who does not die, they continue being slaves to the toilet; forever.

                      Dear people, the paragraph above is nothing disgusting. That is something that happens to every single person on this planet, so there's nothing to be said "eww" to. Yeah, it's kinda disturbing, but there's something much, much worse.

                   Did you know that diarrhea does not affect human beings alone? Yes. Besides animals and human beings, diarrhea can affect non-living things! Seriously. I just discovered this fact minutes ago, good gracious. Diarrhea affects non-living things. Wanna know what ? It's  the media.

                More specifically, the government-controlled media. The media in our country got diarrhea, for years, and they had been suffering from it. The media suffered a diarrhea so severe, they never stop giving shit to people since the news started operating. How miraculous.

              The national press had lost its credibility because of the endless slanders and lies they make, that is the shit being meant. I'm sorry people, for the language, but that is most suitable.

               One nice thing about people having diarrhea is that the sickness affects no one else. He is the only man being enslaved to the toilet, others doesn't have to suffer. He endures the uneasiness, the discomfort, the smell, and the rumbling sounds , alone.  But the national television , the press, and their so-called internet army throw their poop to the people. Those who successfully smelled the thrown thing will believe whatever the media told them, no matter how ridiculous. The bright people, and those who know will cover their noses and run  away from the poop rain. Well, who wants those stinky stuff, eh? However , some innocent people got hit by the shits being thrown. Enemies of the government, weak and poor, being targeted by the media, their dignity robbed off, their good names smeared. This sickness of the media shall stop, because it is wrong, and we Malaysians can no longer survive this. Seriously.

                       This diarrhea is  pandemic, as the media grow larger by coverage, the more shit they produce.  They slandered a decent man, and destroyed his life. Since the 90's , they had told Malaysians that Anwar Ibrahim is an homosexual, as if they were better judges than the courts. The cases was enormously publicized, they produced so much ridiculous evidence, that we can always perceive as regular shit they make. Not enough with jail, they stepped up their efforts by showing porn movies in the bulletin and the press, showing to every single person on earth, how evil Anwar is. We are not that stupid, seriously, we are no aborigines of the deep jungles, we have the internet. Run away from the poop shower, people.

                          When a decent student  lowered the beloved Prime Minister's flag in a picket, the media pop into action. Their terrible internet army started producing shit, slanders and stories on Adam Adli , the student who asked for his rights. They showed a picture in a blog, showing that Adam Adli is a horrible , perverted gay! Can you see how serious this shit is? We are lucky that Malaysians still have their souls and didn't fall to the shit right away.

                    Their last act of shittiness raged many kind-hearted , innocent people. This is totally unforgivable. We can never forgive you for this, never. Ustaz Azhar Idrus was targeted for their next shit, they made stories about his origin, gossips of his wrongdoings with women. Dear people, this man is a revolutionary preacher, he is perhaps better than Amr Khaled of Egypt. The words he delivered change people's live to better standards, people turn into better muslims for the dakwah he brought. The society had idolized actors, singers and drug addicts for too long, they miss someone who can bring back the light to the nation. Kindly remove the slanders, there are limits for the amount of shit produced. Our capacity reached maximum.

                       During Bersih rally, they told people about molotov cocktails, rebellious riots, bombs, communism, every shit possible. And now, the 901 rally, as they said, will have a show about petrol bombs. How interesting.

Open your minds people, open it wide.

          I have only one single question; what is wrong with these kind people, that the media have to slander    them continuously? The tongue, the ultimate tongue, the national tongue will be questioned during Akhirat about they lies they made, and you know what? We can't wait for the moment to come.

             I have another fact that you should know; diarrhea is curable, it is not like AIDS or some STDs. You can take acidophillus or bacid pills, and insyaallah the sickness will recede. Or you can just depend on your immune system, the sickness will be somehow cured. How about the prestigious media? Can the continuous flow of shit stop?

             Sure. I'm completely sure. Once the shareholders, the editors and writers of the press company have taqwa in their hearts, things will be far better than expected. One who fears Allah does not slander people ,and absolutely no nonsense will be produced. I can guarantee thee, so believe me.

"O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful."(Al- Hujurat:6)

                 Hey people, diarrhea is normal. There's nothing dirty to write about it. So forgive me.

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