These are just plain opinions; they can be rejected, refuted, argued against or accepted. These words are not meant to impose my ideals upon anybody , and they are not going against the law of the diversity of thoughts~~

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The United Association of Robbers

        I have grown so disgusted with my previous posts and writings that I stopped writing altogether. It doesn't take long for one to realize how ridiculous is their past works . However, after realizing my ineptitude in normal speech, I decided to write again, thanks to you for being able to withstand my words of utter nonsense.

          I have been assaulted with the idea of national unity recently. Which I disagreed, of course. There's this one group which proposed the unity of all muslims in this country as the ultimate solution to various interpersonal and intrapersonal problems. Somehow, with this unity, the country will grow strong and peaceful.

Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly.

           There is a story about an old man and his three quarrelsome sons. The sons were so spiteful towards each other; they kept fighting over the most trivial things that their grandmother died of a sudden heart attack, and  their  mother became deaf out of constant yelling and screams.

                The old man grew sick after years of civil war.  On his death bed, he called upon his three sons and asked each of them to bring him three sticks. He asked them to break the sticks, and walla! , so they did with ease . The old man asked them to bring him a bunch of sticks, and when they did, he told them to bundle those sticks together, and asked them to try and break the bundled sticks . Each of them tried with their utmost strength, but  they failed to break the so-called united sticks. The old man died then, after succeeding to tell his quarrelsome sons, that unity is strength. Well, that is the kindergarten basis of understanding that unity is indeed a sign of strength.

                  The world would be so much better if everyone agrees upon one thing.

                I refuse to agree. I have seen outside the kindergarten world long enough to understand that things are not that simple.

            Suppose that there are two group of muslims, one is a squabbling band of pirates, and the other one is a justice wielding government. There are muslim pirates ,for goodness sake, robbers and serial killers, but let's take this as a mere example.  Don't be too harsh on yourself mate. The pirates take pride in their own jolly roger, their lawlessness and freedom. They ransack islands and rob trading ships ,kill others for fun, and put little value upon human lives.

            The muslim government would always try to capture these lawless pirates and aims to restore peace on the planet. Upholding true justice, the government is true to their intentions and did their best to serve the people. The government values life, and thus they are the exact opposite of the squabbling band of pirates. On top of that, the government is fully free of corruption and misuse of power, saint-like, pure-white, sinless and  clean.

               These two groups are muslims, aren't they? Now, how would unity benefit any of them? Why would the pirates share a flag with the government?

            There would only be unity if the government agrees upon those dirty jobs done by the pirates. A unity would only happen if the government condones their free killing spree, and grant the pirates freedom to destroy islands and rob ships.

               This is among the most simplest explanation I can use to explain the current situation. The government is stuck with their  idiosyncratic principles and seek to protect their hegemony. The pirates seek freedom in doing sins and corrupt inhumane acts. It should be understood that such unity is after all an alliance in corruption.

          There can only be unity if the pirates agree to stop their act of piracy, and become good muslims. But as far as we can see, none of that is going to happen. The real government in this analogy appears to enjoy robbing every penny from the people, and they have not shown any signs of stopping. And for academics' sake, our country is among the worst in corruption, the least press freedom, and we only lose to China in the amount of illegal money outflow. 

Such is the explanation from this kindergarten world.


Thursday, 10 January 2013


                Do you know how is it like to be different? It's when everybody goes out to the field in a football frenzy, and you are slumped under your warm blanket, sleeping your hearts out. When people rejoice over free  good food and the overflowing juices, you choose to starve  yourself and spend on something else. That's not so different, sorry. That's just extreme laziness.  Being different is by going against the mainstream. To do things others refrained from even thinking of .

               To fail a test when most others get perfect scores does not qualify as 'different'. That's just plain stupid. How do I say this? You have to be different if you want to know how it's like. Men who skipped work and slept during classes had certainly felt how being difference is like. And so are petty rule breakers and bad people. There is a certain ecstasy , an adrenaline rush, in doing taboos, acts that people regard as wrong. This is how being different is like, but this is the wrong ' difference'.


                 I am sorry if I had created a negative perception about being different. Screw you  and your perspectives.

           There is an easy and practical way to be different, my friend.  Go to the  Himpunan Rakyat rally in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday, and I promise that you will never be the same person again. Be different , forever. I am going , insyaallah, but I am not  different from others. I am just confused -and sad- that nobody wants  to go with me. My companions, nakama in cold and hard times had faltered and refused from joining such rallies due to the fact that scholars can't be involved with lowly scums that will conquer the stadium this Saturday. Chanting ridiculous stuff in the orange heat of the afternoon is an act of barbarians, and does not seem   fit with the holy nature of national scholars. Sorry guys. Hahahaha.

          I acknowledge the fact that we have exams in hand, but if we don't rise to the call and march with the people this Saturday, who's gonna save the nation?  The planet needs us young superheroes, to fight for liberty and freedom!  Sort of.

           We are not young forever. While our fats still reside in the skin, let's join the movement of the people of the 'different' kind, and do not let the nerd in us force us to do more exercise papers on that particular evening.

             I studied every day, and this Saturday is just one day. See by your own eyes, how we transcend the boundaries of skin colours and language , and march together like a big family. It has been programmed in our brains, by constant utusanilization, that such gatherings are prelude to violence and chaos, but I choose to disagree. If it is that hard to comprehend, then imagine you and me walking by the streets of Kuala Lumpur , one fine afternoon, in yellow and red shirts. Just walking, and nothing else. There's not much violence in that, is there?  Why would there be in the first place?

         Well, add a hundred thousand others, who smile at policemen and sing songs like kindergarteners . Since when was it wrong for a normal citizen to walk on the roads of his nation?

           People will gather this weekend with various groups and their own just causes. We   have had enough with corruption and misconduct of power . We can no more say "it's okay lah" and turn a blind eye anymore. We have had enough with fat cows , sunken submarines, and oversized diamonds bought with childhood savings. The Felda men are tired of being tricked with empty promises. People of the Eastern Coast have decided that their oil is indeed theirs, and some honest men just want a clean and fair election. Students have risen to the occasion and demanded for a representative power for the young  people in the political scene. I have chosen to be different, and I have chosen to support their causes.

                Tell me my friend, how is any of their causes wrong? How is that possible?

           Be free of the apologetic nature of various groups with uncertain and misleading  motives, and think by yourselves . Be brave , my friend. Come with me. Be different.