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Friday, 20 July 2012

Believe me~

             Trust is something that is very difficult. Complicated, not to mention dangerous. We all do work to gain trust. Workers tire themselves to show the boss how hardworking they are, that they are not worthy of being sacked in this economic turmoil. Young men like me make various efforts to gain their parents' trust that they are matured enough to get married at this age. They try to act cool during their interactions with the elders, despite the permanent childish nature that resides in the deepest chamber of their hearts. I am but an exception to that. I just don't care.

        You see my friend , trust is what everyone seeks. Politicians seek for the people's trust through manifestos or bribes in the form of instant cash, or perhaps political ads in the news channel that can make you feel sick and produces the urge to vomit continuously. The problem with trust-gaining-efforts are that they are terribly fake. Hardcore politicians can look like the supreme angels before the elections, but once they win your trust , it is highly probable that they will steal millions from your money and cheat you people with every other way they can.  We only work hard to gain trust, but we tend to abuse it, once achieved.

              Forget these words and blunders, you don't trust a thing that I say. I don't trust you either.

         The word trust itself, when repeated for the hundredth time, sounds seriously untrustworthy.

          Trust between friends, is a dangerous thing. You cannot really trust a friend, but at the same you  cannot not trust him. You have to trust him, because he is your friend, but you can't really trust them because he does not have a real obligation upon your soul. Sorry.

         Say that you would like to advise a friend upon a very sensitive issue. You fear losing his trust should he resent your behaviour, but at the same time, as a trustworthy friend, you have to do the right thing! God, what a thing to do~

            Trusting someone is difficult my friend, but once you have my trust, I would give my life for you . Trust me.

         We have some serious trusting problem. For example we tend to trust every story that the media produces. We think that these men cannot be lying; how could they? Telling lies is a very wrong thing to do; the reporters in this newspaper cannot be lying, they are  probably misinformed or something. Lies, my friend, open your eyes, they are plain lies.

                  News like " old lady found dead in the park" does not sell to the audience.

             Add something like " poor old lady raped and robbed, arms cut off , found dead and disfigured in the park"

          Blimey. That sells.

          I found a man once lying half dead in a deserted road. I found him FIRST. There was no one else but me. Nothing else, but the man and his bike. I called the ambulance and the police, just to discover that he died minutes later. News in the next morning says something like this, " Man found dead after a hit-and-run accident, done by loan sharks" . Wut?

                    There  were nothing there to suggest a presence of another vehicle. It was clear that he fell off his bike, and that's that.The newspaper put shame to the deceased by saying he was indebted with loan sharks, and add that to the pain of his family.

          Soon people were talking, and  rumours spread in our closely-knit community. What a shame.

     Trust me my friend, you don't have to trust everything they say.

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