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Friday, 11 November 2011

The Law of Nature

The first law of nature states that something that should happen, will happen, and something that will not happen, won't happen, unless an unbalanced external entity acts on it.

For example, if you didn't study at all, you will fail in the exam, unless if you are extremely genius, or if the answers got leaked by your best friend. T_T.

The second law of nature states that the consequences of an event is directly proportional to the entity that causes it. The event also follows the direction of the entity acting on it.

Yeah, the more that you didn't study, the more will the result sucks, the more demotivated you are, and the more nightmares will come to haunt you-angry folks, angry teachers, and laughing friends. And the exam result follows the direction of your efforts before taking the exam. If the direction of your efforts before the exam is towards watching every movies available on earth, or playing any games that can be played, then the results will be like all games and movies~ GAME OVER.

The third law of nature states that when an entity acts on another entity, the second one will exerts a similar but opposite act on the first one. Of course, when you play games during study time , by opening the laptop /iPad/ phone,studying acts on playing games by closing all books or everything that looks like studying. In another example, when you show a bad result to your parents, your parents will act by showing rage. Although that rage may vary according to type of parents, etcetra, etcetra.

This is a modified form of physics' law into nature. Sorry Mr Newton, no copyrights available.

It's rather amazing to see how people react as exam's near the corner. Bright eyes turn red , bodies become sore, and jokes turn boring and annoying. It's the exams' day when people lose their smiles and expressions, while some others become extremely happy, and some doesn't care at all.

Exams turn a hopeless life hopeful, or in another way, a useless life becomes productive. A student which was consistent on not studying at all may study when exam comes nearer. Exam's the best moment when you want to observe how serious someone is, losing all the coolness sought before. Yeah, someone whom I never saw praying suddenly asks me to pray for him before the exam. Exams make people turn weird and unexpectable. True story.

But there's an exception~ in the doesn't-care-at-all species of homosapiens. Of all people, they doesn't care about studying at all, nor doing any effort, nor taking an exam itself. No exact influence can change their views to the universe, as they themselves are unsure of their existence, they might be dreaming all the moment. So what's the point studying when the whole world's just a dream? They wake up when the results is at the minimum value of the overall results' graph, but there's nothing that could be done.

But you might say, what's the point of discussing exams, when there is a zillion ways to succeed rather than just passing examinations? Mark Zuckerberg is a college dropout, Steve Jobs is a college dropout, and all others who never even tried to enter schools. The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h himself never went to any school, yet he's the most influential man of the whole world. So, what's the fuss?

Wait a second over there. The fourth law of nature~ I made this~ states that life itself is a test. Yeah, I'm absolutely confident that we are all are in a major test.

Surah Al-Mulk;2, "[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving -"

All of us will be evaluated for our deeds in this short life, and the results are like the exams above~ some will be extremely sad, others will be happy. Shouldn't we prepare for the exam?

Yunus; 26-27 "For them who have done good is the best [reward] and extra. No darkness will cover their faces, nor humiliation. Those are companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.But they who have earned [blame for] evil doings - the recompense of an evil deed is its equivalent, and humiliation will cover them. They will have from Allah no protector. It will be as if their faces are covered with pieces of the night - so dark [are they]. Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally."


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