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Thursday, 3 November 2011

What differs Muslims from others?

              What differs Muslims from others?

             If we look to ourselves and compare, I don't think there's much difference to it. Unless you are a good Muslim living amidst alcoholics, bullies and mafia, then there is a huge difference between you and them~the  non -muslims. But nowadays, as we thrive among academicians, intelligent people around us, there's not much that we can tell. If you have a good attitude, then they do have that. They too, appreciate time, they respect parents, teachers and friends. They are respectful people of high spirits. Then, what differs Muslims from others?

           You might ask, why do we need to be different? Shouldn't we be equal in these days of 'total equality'? The answer is simple; if being a Muslim is the same like all other religion, then what is the function of Islam? It is a difference of what we believe and what we trust, on complete undeniable facts, and trust me, being different is good.
               What differs us is our prayers. Rasulullah p.b.u.h tells us that what differs a muslim  and a non-muslim  is his prayers. He prays, then that is the ultimate characteristic of a Muslim , which exclude him from non-believers. Solat is the first question asked by Allah to humans on the day of Judgement.   The prophet himself emphasised the importance of solat  upon Muslimeen, it is of grave importance that we take great measures to be consistent with our solat
       [Quran 29:45] Recite (O Prophet Muhammad) what has been revealed to you of the Book (the Quran), and perform As-Salat (5 times prayer). Verily, As-Salat prevents from Al-Fahsha' (great sins)and Al-Munkar (disbelief) and the remembering of (you by) Allah (in front of the angels) is greater indeed. And Allah knows what you do.

          How does our prayer differs us from others? It shows that our life has its main objective; submission to Allah. Life , as it is, is not just to be born, then we grow up. Then we learn, we get jobs, we get married, we have children, later on we get old, sick and die. What is the purpose of such a life? We don't bring together our fortune after our deaths, we leave it without a choice. IF, a life is free, without submission, then nothing differs us from animals, a life without a purpose. Then we are just a part of a biological cycle, insignificant and useless!
         We are creations of al-Khaliq, the greatest Creator, the only God. As creations we should submit ourselves to Allah, through our prayers, or our life is useless.

Instruct your family to pray and to be steadfast in their worship. We ask you not for provision; We provide for you, and the [best] outcome is for [those of] righteousness.

            As a Muslim we must be Muslims. That is through our prayers, if we don't , then nothing differentiates us from the non-believers. It doesn't matter whether you are a genius, a billionaire, or a beggar. If you don't pray, then what hopes do you have infront of Allah during the al-Qiamat?
            Being different is nothing, it is not important among humans. But, IF that difference brings you happiness to the Hereafter, isn't being different is the best? Peace.

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