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Friday, 4 November 2011

Homosexual Rights~

Can you imagine yourself having a happy family ; a wife, a daughter and a son? You nurture your children  with love , patience and perseverance. That, requires a lot of money, time , and space. It requires all of kind of techniques, ways and strategies to take care of a baby, and it gets harder when that toddler grows up into a boy, then into  a teenager, and then he becomes an adult. The process is not as simple as the stages are, just four stages, then that's it, isn't it? No , it isn't . There is parts of it which involves an infinity of problems, ranging from the health of the child, education ,etcetra, which form a nearly endless list. This is because you   are educating children of humans, not cows.
           Then, can you imagine, if that little son of yours, suddenly becomes a gay? Or that beloved girl, turns to be a lesbian? Where goes all the values that this superb parent taught? Life sucks~
            It is not a matter of having the rights, to choose your orientation, but it is whether that choice can be made or not. Whether that choice is right or wrong. If you chose the wrong one, then be ready to be condemned to hell, as you HAVE choices, but you chose it wrong. Too complicated, isn't it?
              You will ask , why can't you accept people being different? You will say, God created humans, some are LGBT, they don't have a choice, so give them their rights. My first answer will be, religion told us that homosexuals , lesbians and transsexuals are condemned, sinful people. Otherwise the people of Sodom won't be demolished. It doesn't matter whether they are musicians, ministers or social workers, all of them were destroyed, and it proves  that such orientation is not accepted. That's religion. Aren't you a Muslim? Surely you won't accept that, and I'll be labelled an Islamist, extremist, fundamentalist, intolerant, and perhaps a terrorist. Life realy sucks~
                    To begin with, i think that this writer himself has a severely corrupted way of thinking. It does look like, he doesn't even read the history of our religion, Islam. It is clearly something that our religion is against, as we can see in the story of Prophet Lut alaihissalam. God created human to be paired as male and female. Not male-male or female-female. This is the nature law. (fitrah)

                     Taking an example, Elton John. He got married with a male. However, he did'nt get a child. But still, the desire to have a child is always present. It is terribly funny to claim of having a child with a male partner, when he has to actually give his sperm to a surrogate mother , in order to get a baby. The nature law is present in everyone, it can't be denied, ever.

                          The writer said that, he and his gay behaviour will not harm people. seriously? Doesn't he know that these kind of people are the ones causing AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)? Till now, we couldn't find any cure for AIDS. Those who are not involved in their shameful acts are also infected by these disease. Again, seriously?

                 Considering human rights, if that 'right' of yours  is something wrong, then should it be considered, at all? If, I rob a bank, then I said it is my right to rob a bank. It is my own business, so mind yours, can't you let people be themselves and do what they wanna do? Surely I'll be jailed for robbing, regardless of my claims. You should consider, whether having rights to be homos and les~ really doesn't have externalities. You said that it is your right, your choice, but what if that choice affects me , and others? Me, too, have my own rights, isn't it? My right is to live in a life where negative  attracts positive,  a husband loves his wife, and my roommate doesn't flirt with me. 
                 What about God's rights, then? This is a world He made, and humans are free to choose and decide for their life, but you still have to follow his LAW. Considering 'rights' again, if , you made that wrong choice , aren't you violating Allah's right?
               Then you will say, that those LGBT are also kind people. They pay taxes, they do charity, they're productive and honest people. Take example of Elton John, or Bradley Manning of  the USA.Then give them their rights , and stop discriminating them. Wait a minute, we Muslims never reject those kindness and valour, please, understand that. You are always welcomed to be good people. It is that orientation , that choice which is wrong. Fix that, and you'll be part of our indiscriminated world. We can't support those LGBTs because they come with a package; thay aren't just good people, they are good people, and homosexuals. This inseparatable character made Muslims persistent on opposing them . YOU left us with no choice . But ,if, you are thinking of becoming 'normal', then our hands and hearts are always open and welcoming.  
              You will say that you don't have a choice. Bullshit. You do have a choice . Peace .

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  1. regardless what the circumstances are, they still say making the correct choice is something verrry hard. thus they wont opt to do it at all. or just cant bear to try. why, maybe because they know its wrong, but its just too hard.. dont u think?