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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Tooth Dilemma

To have a toothache is a total nightmare. The pain is unbearable, and to some people, toothache feels like a slow death. Although that precious tooth is only a small part of our giant bodies, the pain is felt all over. Yes, this is a story of a tooth ache.

The causes of a toothache may vary; according to your lifestyle. It might happen to be the lack of calcium, or an excess of it, or scurvy, or perhaps a bull knock you out of your teeth. Or you got punched by The Pacman-oh , you know him-, the cause of a tooth ache is almost infinite, I'm not born a dentist to specify any. But, obviously, almost everyone on earth will experience toothache, no matter how serious he brushes his teeth, nor how much did he flossed, it's compulsory to have a toothache someday, unless you're born teethless. Out of 7 billion people on earth, 99 percent will experience a tooth ache-seriously, I made this up. So, as a major problem to the human race, the toothache dilemma must be discussed, for the benefit of the society as a whole.

When you have a toothache, the whole daily activity is disrupted, or perhaps stopped at all. The sick tooth acts like a drill, it produces pain in a form of vibrations, so the pain is spread evenly . That single tooth seems to be contracting and expanding- like a pounding heart, sending the terrible feeling to the anticipating brain. When this happens, you can't concentrate on whatever task you're doing, and that's a big problem. Obviously, homeworks can't be done when the tooth aches. Thanks tooth, I love you.

When the tooth keeps sending vigorous messages of pain to the brain, it becomes overloaded and jammed, like a jammed laptop which failed to play FIFA. This in turn brings a headache to the affected person, as the body worked so hard to stop the pain, but failed. The headache is the manifestation of the brain's frustation to cure the pain. A person with a headache of that level will probably be in bed for the whole day, unless if he's an awesome guy who likes to act cool.

Tooth ache lasts for days, and perhaps weeks, if there is no actual solution for the problem. Most people will opt for pain relievers- drugs to contain the pain. This is rather effective, where the body experiences no pain at all, but it will come again repetitively, and continuous consumption of relief drugs isn't a wise option. The other choice is to see the dentist, and this is the largest problem to the human community in the tooth dilemma. Although the dentist might be an excellent choice to stop the pain ultimately, the sacrifices that have to be made is big. Either losing a precious tooth, or experiencing an hour of torture- driiling your life out from a single tooth. That choice feels like suicide. The other option is to let it be, and pray that the pain will be eased some day...but you can't be so optimistic .

You can't enjoy food, or you can't eat at all with a toothache. You lose a precious smile when that tooth starts screaming " Pull me off! Pull me of you!, }%^#+'htj$:&,! " . Sometimes you can't sleep , as the pain haunts you throughout the night. And to make it worse, you can't do homeworks- yeah!-. This proves that the tooth ache is a major problem to human beings. And still, it happens.

When you decide to sacrifice that tooth , it involves dignity and pride. Dude, you're 18 and you already lost a tooth? Seriously? Probably too much junk food and no brushes at all. You lost all the coolness sought before, when a tooth of yours goes missing. A perfect smile is a dream for everyone, but when the tooth is lost, there's nothing that can be done. And you lost the pleasures of heavenly dinners and lunches; you can't chew like everybody else anymore. You are so old!

So, what's the resolution of the tooth ache dilemma? Brush your teeth.

Dude, that's not the conclusion, seriously. This long article about the toothache wants to remind you of the importance of a single tooth. Yup, a single tooth is so important to us, and when the toothache occurs, you will regret all the years of ignorance, the laziness to brush your teeth, to keep it clean. When the tooth is lost, only then will we appreciate the importance of it, but it's way too late. The damage is done.

That is a SINGLE tooth, a very small portion of the human body. The pleasures to have eyes, ears and the nose is almost infinite, and so are the other organs. What about the skin , the legs and the tough muscles? What about the perfect lungs that you have, or the brain itself? These are pleasures that we will only learn to appreciate, once it's lost. Then, shouldn't we learn to be grateful, and thankful to the Creator who made us with perfect teeth , and for all the pleasures we have?

Brush your teeth. Peace.

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