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Thursday, 3 November 2011

I am not a desocializer~

  I am not a desocializer, I just have nothing to say. And I dont know what to say, furthermore I don't know anything worth saying. So don't look at me with those judging eyes, be tolerant and understanding.We muslims never do talk to much without reasons. We never laugh, like bitches, over pointless subjects ,and we choose silence as a better option.

             I know you regard us muslims as elusive and desocializers. Yeah, we don't talk 'that' much, we never laugh too loud. We don't go to your parties, and we don't sit with you for dinner. We never touched the girls' fingers, nor their hair,  and never did we allow your girls ,upon touching. And worse, we never shake their hands. We seemed to be so rude and racist, non-liberal and ancient. So conservative, that you people found us as deserted people from strange lands.

            Don't take us as strangers, aliens from outer space. Religion told us to be diligent, prominent and productive, and at    the same time, to take complete care of our interactions with people. This is not a non-liberal-overconservative  act , but, it is a choice we made, liberally. IF we chose not to follow your lifestyle, should we be regarded as Talibans? You said that this is a free life with free options, can't we choose ours? You saw us walking together to the surau with our attire, you saw us as a weird group of nerds, doing  useless things, while you sit with your girlfriend making a public display of affection.

              We dont  do those things because God said so. Fullstop, isn't it, but you won't be satisfied. Instead you started asking me, does God really exist? Dude, go to hell~
              You wanted pure logics, isn't it? We don't shake hands with girls, we never touch 'em, because we regard woman as highly honored human beings. They aren't subjects in your porn fantasies,  not girlfriends that you pick and dump, but they are our mothers , our sisters and our daughters. We took a stand that they must be treated with care, honored with marriages, and treated fairly, not as dolls for display.
             We refused to go to your parties because that isn't  a way for us to celebrate things. Yeah, we do have parties, but all hairs and legs are covered, there's no jumpings like monkeys, no touchings , and  of course the girls' and boys' sections are separated. We celebrate victory, not hedonism.
             We talked less, and we seldom laugh, because there isn't a need for it. You laughed over everything, but, are you REALLY happy? Do you, yourself find it hilarious? I'm delighted to know.Forgive us for talking less and producing more.            
              The world has too much free sex, too much porn, too many single mothers, too many diseases, and too little happiness. Our religion told us  to respect women, to avoid useless things, and never waste time. We believe , that is the solution for the problems above, so allow us to live, our way. Do you have a better way? Be open to tell and elaborate that.
              These are just simple logics, I do have more, but these are enough. This is our pledge to you, for you to consider, because you too, are a MUSLIM, just like us. Peace.

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