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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


What is religion?

Religion is Addeen. Addeen, is , the way of life. Lifestyle. Ideology. Rules. Guide. Mindset. Faith.

When we believe in Islam, it means that we accept this religion as a way of life. Religion sets the guide for us, in every detail of our daily life, without a single exception. It is the religion that we follow to decide our etiquettes, our style and fashion. The way I drink, the way I sleep, and yes, even the way I eat. Religion is our source of light, without it we will be lost. This is what we must believe.

Surely there is room for discussion and disagreements in this religion, but surely that privilige is just for uncertainties, small issues that are minors. As a guide, religion tells us what is wrong, and what is right, clearly. If , you are a believer, you won't object, and you wont question whatsoever being told. Heck, Allah give us this guidance, it is flawless, then how could you object? Allah told us to pray. So pray la.. Will you ask then , why should you pray? How could you? May Allah be with you.

You want some proof? There are lots and lots and lots and...lots of them in the Quran, on why should you obey. The proof that God exists, the proof of all scientific miracles in the Quran, history told perfectly, Big Bang, the expanding universe, foetus in the womb, chemistry. All are scientific evidence, if you don't take in philosophy. If you do believe in philosophy, the Quran is the mother of all philosophy. The point is that, you don't have a point not to believe.

Do you have any point on what is wrong with this religion?

If, there is nothing wrong, then why should you not follow what is stated?

I'm sick with the rhetoric, '' we will obey when there is proof, when our brain says yes, when it is scientifically proven, when we see it with our own eyes".

This religion is based on proof and facts, just tell us about any issue , there will be a perfect reason, evidence and fact. You must acknowledge that you failed to obey, not because there is no proof , but because you are egoistic, you're so proud with the so-called ' modern style of thinking'. Allah decides who you become with this religion , it is not you who decide which is right and which is wrong. Islam is not based on what you want, instead you have to obey.

People brought you tonnes of reason, then why should you disobey? Proof, hadith, Quranic verses, all are clearly presented, yet you still disagree. This is not a disagreement based on facts, this is arrogance.

I am not an extremist when I said that you should not do what is forbidden. You are an extremist because you dared to defy Allah when it is clearly forbidden. Why question the undeniable fact?

What has become of us, when we said that , we are Talibans when we decide to follow the religion? If doing what Allah asks, and leave what he forbids means being Talibans, then I'd rather be
talibans, seriously. If, embracing Islam to the fullest make you call us Talibans, terrorists, extremists, fundamentalist, I want to do so. Will you?

We need to be liberalised, they said, in this modern world. We need to decide what is right with our brains as we can think. Heck, this world is not modern. It is not getting new, but it gets older, older and older. Does questioning Allah's rights means liberalism? I don't think so. Does defying what the ulama' had said , means liberalism? I don't think so. Who are we, compared to the prophet, to his friends, to the ulama', that we are so confident of our immature thoughts? Is that liberalism? That is not freedom to think, but that is disobedience, crime and misunderstanding.

"Say, 'Who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? Or who controls hearing and sight and who brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living and who arranges [every] matter?' They will say, ' Allah ,' so say, 'Then will you not fear Him?'For that is Allah , your Lord, the Truth. And what can be beyond truth except error? So how are you averted?
Thus the word of your Lord has come into effect upon those who defiantly disobeyed - that they will not believe.".( Surah Yunus, 31-33)

I'm sorry.


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