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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

~The Supremacy~

                    When we first came to this planet, it was all chaos and disorder. The planet was inhabitated by violent and rigorous creatures , those animals with small brains and big mouths. We came from far ,far away, in a mission to invade planet Earth

              . We thought that the creatures on earth were highly civilized and modern, but we were wrong. They were far behind all other planets we've went, no technology,no buildings, and well, nothing. Just thick forests and dark jungles. We expected that the creatures of planet Earth would fight for their home, but they did nothing but eat each other.    It was all but a waste to bring together all the battalions and artillery, because a fight was not needed. The war was already won, this sacred planet was invaded . We decided that we should make this planet a better place to live.
                             Planet Earth had the greenery , the soul that our planet had lost. We, Malayans from the Malay planet had to search for a new planet  to live as our planet  was destroyed in an intergalactic war. The fresh waters, the green leaves and the subtle fields made us confident that Earth was the perfect choice, except that the creatures were so wild, we couldn't even sleep a night.

                    Together we fought to exterminate the so-called dinosaurs on earth and bury them deep in the earth's crust. It was easy, since they've got not brains at all; and we used all the technology we had . When we finished the mass murders, new creatures suddenly emerged from the depth of caves and the seas. They had been hiding from the monstrous creatures, deep in taverns, holes and desert hideouts. There were all sorts of creatures, and we were excited for the phenomenon. 

                 Some of the creatures had stripes, some were slimy, they were in all sorts of shapes and colours. We were most surprised when those creatures started to roam around the planet with such enthusiastic manner, they seemed to be hidden from sunshine since ages before. We were fascinated, but suddenly something weird happened. Behind all those new creatures that appeared, a group of aborigines came forth- and they looked exactly like us.

                We were astonished, we went to hundreds of galaxies, none of the aliens looked like us. But these creatures, they looked exactly, -seriously- like us. We approached the earthlings and tried to investigate them, but they spoke no language, just weird sounds,  non-intelligible voices. The only difference between us , Malayans and the earthlings was that we were all of one colour, the typical malay brown, but they were black, white, yellow, blue and green.

             We assumed that the earthlings were completely uncivilized because of the monstrous dinosaurs that ruled the lands. After some time, we proceeded to teach the earthlings of what they need to know- Malay language, survival skills, clothing, food, and technology. We begun from the basics, to the most complicated things, acting human, for example. We were surprised as they were quick learners, they obeyed and accepted the subjects we tried to implement in their minds, and soon, we started to accept them in our community.

                  The adaptation didn't take long, as they really have brains. The earthlings imitated our lifestyle, businesses, matrimony, family, sports, and somehow they improved our way of life to better standards. They started to occupy places in our markets; those aborigines, and lived with us on our lands . At first, this was a good development, but we failed to expect the unexpected.

           We built  cities, houses, pyramids on planet Earth, but then, poof! They created nations and skyscrapers. Wait , this wasn't part of the plan. Earthlings reproduced at a very  high rate, their amount quadripled each year. Our existence was threatened! We taught them of civilization, and now they are doing better than we did. This is unfair! We need to protect the Malay supremacy, our rightful rights on this land, as we ourselves developed this planet. Those earthlings are a weak race, we are the origins ! They might have forgotten our history, our strength and intelligence, but we never did.  Malay Supremacy! Malay Supremacy! We have to fight for our strength upon them!

Malay Supremacy!

What the hell?

            Dear people, the adventure above never happened. What, Malay supremacy? Are you kidding me? If  that short tale ever happened, then perhaps we can declare our supremacy, but nay, no, we can't. We are all humans of the same origin, weak creatures which loved and killed each other. So why bother with the supremacy? What's our reasons?

            Racism does not give you salvation in the  Hereafter. If you are weak and poor, there's no use to blame other races, you are lazy, weak, and yes, lazy. You shall have no rights upon things that you didn't work for.

"Human beings, We created you all from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another. Verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most God-fearing of you. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware." (Al-Hujurat :13)

          If there is no basis for the so-called Malay Supremacy, then , are there any reasons to fight for it? Come on people, this race-based fight is useless, there is no profit for it, but endless quarrels and dissatisfactions. Be honest to ourselves.


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