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Monday, 30 April 2012

Clean and clear?

I do not have the audacity to write even a single word,as I am a sinner.

       They asked me, what did we get from going to Bersih 3.0? What did I get? The question, although downright clear, it was terribly puzzling. It creates a paradox; we went to Dataran Merdeka not for ourselves, we would get nothing, and we know it. We know that there will be no cookies , no surprise cash waiting, no presents for us. And they asked, what did we get from the rally? We wanted nothing for ourselves, so expect less of it.

             We did get something though. We got some serious skin irritation from the water cannons, teary eyes and crammed legs. I was so tired, I slept for too  many hours.

             There were several other weird questions that rose, some utterly unacceptable.
1. Support  Bersih =  support LGBT, pluralism, and stuff?

      I have just the perfect word for that; obfuscation, thanks to a friend.  Obfuscation (or beclouding) is the hiding of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, wilfully ambiguous, and harder to interpret. The media obfuscated the objective of the rally. The objective of the rally was super clear; demanding a free election. A demand for free election. A demand for free election.

A demand for fair election.

A demand for fair election.

A demand for a clean election.

A demand for a just media.

A demand for justice.

A strike against corruption.

               I repeat, a demand for free election. There was nothing about LGBTs, pluralism, secularism, racism or some other ridiculous stuff. Those men who asked for LGBT's rights can go to hell themselves, this rally got nothing to do with that. The media  blinded the people by creating such impression.

        We never went to the rally because of Ambiga. She holds no claim upon our souls, and she has no say in whatever we want to do. Just for a fair election, and just that, seriously.

2. Ukhuwwah and ties between people is much more important  than rallies and endless debates?

            They said that we should ceasefire and stop whatever we are trying to do, because this breaks silaturrahmi and creates a distance between people. This is terribly harmful.

            Let's say that among us, there are robbers, bandits, corruptors and dictators. If we happen to be separated and against each other, that separation is for the truth, al-haq. We want to go against the corruptors, and we will not stay silent together, as  the silence means support for the injustice, al-batil. Let us split, as long as we do not support  clear sins.

         They said that all these confusion are just because of the transgression of thoughts and opinions. A minor disagreement, and we should make amends and stay together again.

            There is no confusion. This is not a minor disagreement. This is not just another clashes of opinion. The idea that the truth is subjective, that is some serious manipulation of words.

         Ever watched the Avengers? Or Spiderman, Ultraman and Superman? These protagonists showed us two clear sides; the evil and the good men. That is the same concept here , people. We have some really bad people who did nothing but cheat, and another group that goes against that. Is it wrong that I show my support to superheroes?

         It is crystal clear, that the government is corrupt, and we cannot stay silent.

3. Bersih is an event of violence, and should never happen in this peaceful nation?

               It was a very peaceful assembly. Thousands of people sitting together, and I never saw such harmony between the people. There were no restrictions between races and religions, we were like brothers, helping  each other, showing our passions, like a big, big family. A unity at its best, until somehow, someone broke the barriers and started the provocations.

           The name of the place was Dataran Merdeka. Was. Now it is Dataran Tak Merdeka. The place that is the benchmark for national independence, now barred from its own people with fences and barbed wire. How ironic.

         We just want to sit and protest, and the police shot us with water cannons and tear gas. It was brutal, like they were chasing animals or something. The pictures and videos are enough proof. It was never meant 
to be violent.

                Talking about peaceful nations, we are ignorant  people, that's why we do not want to change. The urge for the revival of Islam in the country is not in the hearts  for ignorant people. They feel safe. " We have enough pay and food, why protest?"

" The country is peaceful, let it be so"

" The government had tried its best for the betterment of the people, we should give them a chance"

I have questions too; if we can change for the better, why should we stay indifferent?

The country is not peaceful; crime rates are terribly high, murders, robberies, corruptions  amounting to 
billions; aren't these enough for you?

Every single person on this earth should have an ambition for the rise of good men, so that everything will be better. The only way now , is by making a change, as the government is too corrupt to do something good.

          If the authorities had not ordered the police to attack, would there ever be violence? No. Damn it, we just wanted to sit and protest, and you shot us with acid? Seriously?

         I went to the rally that day not for the violence. I went there not for the experience alone. I was there as a regular guy, demanding for justice. Full stop.  

       What did we get, finally? Bruises and lethargy, yeah. The reward for a fight against injustice is not here, dear people, not in this world. It is in the Akhirat , insyaallah.

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