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Monday, 23 April 2012


            News about the movement " Occupy Dataran" had been the headlines for days, and I do not know which source to believe. Those people camping at the centre of Kuala Lumpur are fellow students as I am, and they said that they represent us as a whole, in a battle for free education. I felt an obligation to know more about these people, what are the demands they are advocating ; well, curiosity does not necessarily kill the cat .

           I was confident since the three cats which I knew well of their high curiosity still live to this day. I went to Dataran Merdeka to witness those people myself. The day was shiny and hot, as always.  I would have always preferred the air-conditioned rooms of the Kuala Lumpur Library nearby-sorry. There were about 20 young men and women sitting on  canvasses with umbrellas and microphones. Damn, I thought they were like having a picnic or something. No need to study or work ah?

          No tents, and that was pretty weird. A DBKL lorry stood just beside the campers, their law enforcers peeking from the windows regularly. They were keeping watch of the campers as if those students would bomb the nearby buildings. So hilarious. The officers took the campers' tents and utensils that morning, the police even brought two activists to the police station. Don't they have better things to do? The pedestrian walk all around the city are
congested with rubbish, all they do is to disturb procrastinators that did nothing but sit? Seriously?

     Hobos, beggars, poor people, drug addicts are strewn all over city like kings that roam the earth, and do they deserve the least of DBKL's attention?

         The Occupy Dataran activists were not many. So little that I wonder how could they make it to the headlines. It was nothing like Tahrir Square's demonstration, or the  Libya Revolution. Not even 0.00001 percent of it.

          So what makes them so persistent and strong all the time? They were attacked by thugs, DBKL enforcement officers, even by the police. I'm sure they don't make so big of an impact, but if there's something that can be considered most disturbing and annoying, they are.

          Hey, I do not write this as a sign of support, neither do I reject their cause. I'm a born inquisitor, and a pessimist, I think negatively of this movement before anything else.
      These activists claim that they are not associated with any political movement and interests, and they are just a free group that advocates freedom and justice in the ruling system. Sounds good enough. Being non-partisan, they can only fight if there are issues. If there seems to be an injustice that happens in the system, they rise against it. They are like Superman, only that they are not super, and they can only camp at the Dataran. And these people are very young.
           There's nothing wrong with a movement, the only thing I want to question is their future. One political movement that I know holds their highest regard upon the training of their  forces. The most important thing in the party is the attitude and morality of the members and supporters, their relations with God and other people. They have a clear mission; to serve their lives as good men and women, and enact the words of Allah.
          But this "Occupy Dataran" thingy works only when there's an issue; I do not see a consistency in their fights. I mean that they do not have a long term objective, and that made them look just as raging children crying over toys they want their moms to buy. They will continue their tantrum until the demand is fulfilled. True that? I don't know.

         It is good enough that they stand tall and voiced out when others chose silence. It is true that their numbers are small, they are like flies. Flyfighters are better than those who just sit around and do nothing. When flies come and disturb us, will we ever accept the demands of the flies? No, we either spray them to their death or smack them with brooms. We will do anything to keep flies out of the house. The government won't admit defeat to flies. But the fact is , those flies are persistent fighters that will continue annoying the government until eternity comes.  

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