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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day~

               I want to wish every mom out there, Happy Mother's Day. To every mother who loved their children like nothing else, mom, we love you so much. I want you to know that there is no enough words for me to proclaim how much do we adore you, how much we miss you, and how much we long to see you again, to hear your loving voice ,and to see your wonderful smile.

            We want you to know that you are such a wonderful mother , you are our guardian angel, the love of our hearts. If only we had the time and the chance to show how much we love you, mom ,I would freaking kill someone to get that.
        I am living this day on, with regret, a regret that will remain until the rest of my life. I will always regret the fact that I never used this opportunity before to show you how much we love you, and how much we miss you, mom, you are, and will always be in our hearts. When I was younger I never tried to celebrate her with the best I could. Once , I gave her a present-it was a prank-a rubber spider hidden in a wooden box. Damn, I will always live in regret.

              When mother got sick in 2007, we were completely devastated. My seven sisters and I, we never knew how we endured such a big loss. We saw mother lying in bed for months in pain, and we could do nothing but pray.

               I still remembered the days when we went home after school, and this beautiful lady would be waiting for us with a prepared lunch, and a bright smile on her face. I should've hugged and kissed her every day, but I did not.  There were not a single morning without half boiled eggs or her delicious butter rolls, but now we only have skimpy cereals for breakfast. I asked my sister earlier tonight, what would she like for dinner, and she said she would like mother to cook for us tonight.

           She was the perfect mother. She was our teacher, our guardian and our best friend. A very pious woman she was, never met someone better.  May Allah bless you dear mother, and put you in the best of His blessings.

            I would like you to know that we are very sorry for being such naughty kids that we were. We're grownups now mother, we never quarreled ever since, we are like perfect siblings now. We care for each other like you always wanted, and we love you more than ever.

            I should have wrote her something like this when mother was still with us, but I never did. Go away, ninjas cutting onions!

          There was a ruckus lately in the social media about how wrong it is to celebrate Mother's Day. I figured out that these people who want to banish this celebration had a very bad childhood, or they were adopted by evil couples. My job here is done.

                There was a written history about this celebration, and somebody translated that history into a falsified slanderous account, a wrong information for so many people. It was written that Anna Jarvis , an American who loved her mother so much, decided to celebrate her mother who died years before. It was natural that the people there celebrated it in a church, as they were freaking Christians. I don't expect them to celebrate it in a mosque, would they?

         The story was exaggerated, that the celebration was associated with the Mother Church, for Mary, mother of Jesus, Isis, the mother-god for Egyptians, while it was clearly written that Julia Howe who started it at first was celebrating mothers who lost their children in the war, and to celebrate the peace that they had.

                 I never knew Anna Jarvis or Julia Howe before. I knew nothing about those false gods. But I know that I love my mother with all my heart, and she  deserves every day of celebration. I give my mother presents on this day, not anything ridiculous or something that goes against this Deen. . If you feel that it is wrong to celebrate this day, then I pity your mothers for having such ungrateful sons and daughters.

                  There's a limit to exaggerations, and people just got past that.

            I do not have someone to share my tears and my joy, but I am very grateful for such a wonderful mother I had. She was not there when I got my exam results. I felt sad when I won competitions because I do not have someone to tell my big story and show her my presents and my pictures, to tell her how awesome my friends are, to tell her how exciting are the school days. My younger sisters miss the chance  to enjoy our mother's recipe, they never knew how  wonderful did she looked when she smiled, how was her laughter music to our ears.

          She would cheer me up whenever I had a bad day. Looking at her face was enough to brighten up my day . Strict she was, but loving more than anyone. She would always give me a real painful pinch in the arm whenever I misbehaved, and now I am missing that. I want her to be there when I grow up and get fat, to see how handsome am I today, and I want her to be there when I graduate, insya-Allah, but, Allah knows what is best for us, and he is the Most Merciful.

              I never tried to apologize to her if I ever lied and did something bad, and, wow, how I wish I did.

                To every living soul I know, cherish and appreciate the moments you have with your beloved parents, like never before . To our dearest mother, may Allah bless you and place you with the best of his servants.


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