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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Not For Sale~

What is better than something free? Freaks, we are, for not wanting something that is clearly better.

         Free education is a worldwide issue, it is thoroughly discussed and debated now and then. Governments around the world hold different stands on the issue. Some said that education is a fundamental right of the civilians that the government should provide, while others only view education as a platform to improvise human capital, to increase the quality and labour and production. In other words, they view education just a tool to make more profit out of better labour. There is no sense of praising the knowledge itself, knowledge is nothing but a producer of labour.

          Countries that value education as a basic human right advocates free education. Students are sponsored throughout the years as they struggle for degrees and certificates. They put value upon the certificates the students acquire, although it doesn't signify anything of import. What is the value of a piece of paper?

            We never asked for something free. Nothing is ridiculously free. It was obvious, if something happens to be free, there is another entity that must pay the cost. Free gifts are not free, shops have to bear the costs. Scholarships are not free, the sponsors have to pay for it. The students later have to pay it back with a ten year contract or some other stuff.

           Those people that said that we should be grateful , thankful to the government for giving us study loans all this while, they must be out of their minds. They managed to create an impression as if that the government used the ministers' own money and cash to help their daughters study in college. The government is the torch bearer of social education, the men in the frontiers that stand up for the development of human resources.
         Come on.
           Not a single cent of the money in the banks belongs to the government. Not even half a cent. The oil that the blessed country possess in abundance, not a single drop of it belongs to the  ministers . They hold no right upon any of the country's wealth, but we do. We do.
            The government is not our masters. They are not our bosses. We are the boss, remember. We are the boss.
         Let's just imagine that we own a piece of land worth for raising crops. We own the land, get it? We hire  people to work on it, to produce crops and get some money from them. Those farmers are the government-they are  slaves.  Slaves on our own land. The freaking Prime Minister is the chief of the slaves. If a farmer decided to be corrupt and kidnap some cows, then what do we do? We either sack him off or send him to jail. That is the nature of slaves.
                 If the slaves found oil in our lands, it is ours. If they found gold, it is still freakin ours. If we ask our slaves to use our own money to sponsor the education of our children, it is our freaking right.
        Oh, there's another thing; if the slaves show  disobedience, and corruption among themselves, we can always find other workers, much more diligent and trustworthy. Slaves are not meant to be richer than the owners.
         There's nothing free. The students that ask for a free education will later provide for the people themselves. They will be taxpayers themselves. So why bother? 

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