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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


                 "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."
    -Neil Armstrong

                   We went to the moon. Not exactly 'we', but that kinda does it. Curiosity reached Mars before any Martian invades our planet with big lasers and a droid army. The development of the technological array had surpassed mere imagination and it keeps progressing.  Our achievements had transgressed the times before us , and so we are proud obstreperous creatures , vociferous in new ideas and progressions.

          We are so entrenched with the idea of progression that once people proposed that we are originally monkeys; primates; to show how much we really progressed.  Well, that is seriously unnecessary. I was born human, without any monkiness in me.

you think this is a kind of a game?

               While we are being so garrulously pronounced  about such advances in the modern history, there's an irrevocable fact that we must ponder ; the turbulent progressiveness does not apply to everybody. There are people out there who chooses a sedentary lifestyle and a persistent  parochial mind setting. People are reluctant to making changes due to culture boundaries and all sorts of hindrances.

        But that's fine, really. Who cares if they don't wanna progress anyway. We have nothing to lose, and instead we gain a more rewarding age of consumerism. People don't wanna attain goods by themselves, and so we have a permanent  demand for everything, ranging from socks to  potato chips. The thing that is puzzling is the egregious existence of people who choose to progress backwards; regress; stuck in reverse. We are moving forward, whatever speed or ways and vagaries, but them people are moving backwards.

               We want to build skyscrapers, and these men choose to live in straw huts and caves-sort of. The nation is becoming more liberally democratic, more freedom in speech and lesser information boundaries, but these men choose to oppose that. This is called decivilization .


            These groups of men are devolving into monkeys themselves; while we are occupied with using appropriate words and to cater to everybody's sensitivity, these men understand no language and see no reason. At least monkeys can accept orders when trained and run away when being chased, but them people are oblivious to standard human communication.

serious monkeys man

              We are living in a democratic country, where everybody should be given freedom of speech and electoral rights as a citizen. Races other than Malays are not secondary, second class or whatever crap these people say. We are of equal rights and friends of all times, citizens of the freaking world. We are not barbarians who kill people for fun.  

            Monkeys love  mischief and disorder, and I discovered this mischievous fact after years of having those apes stealing rambutans from my backyard to the point of an extreme land takeover by the monkeys. It was brutal, a destructive occupation.  Those group of men, in the other hand sabotages every programme that the opposition runs.

                   There was a butt-dance in front of Ambiga's house a few months ago. They sent a beautifully decorated shit-shaped cake to Lim Guan Eng. It was a delicious cake with the shape of poop. Yep, that's true. And then there were people who step on potraits of leaders, pee on it and stuff, without any obvious reasons. We are proud savage people indeed.


           They are old men with kids and grandkids. How fascinating is it for us to see grandpa do  a butt-dance?

                  Wisdom grows with age, but for these men, it appears that wisdom is inversely proportional to age. Who have the guts to disturb religious preaches in mosques by hurling slippers and stones, switching off the lights, yells and curse words, other than uncivilized 


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