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Friday, 31 August 2012

Inferiority Complex

           I remembered the times when I was a skinny little introvert stuck with an infinite flu. I had problems getting to know everybody, to get close to anyone. It seemed terribly hard for me to show affection for anybody, and I ended up playing alone. It was kinda sad; my seven sisters and I, we made a wonderfully terrible team. I got bullied at school several times; beaten to pieces and mocked like the most hated kid in school.

                 But that's fine; I said to myself. I did not care about how many times they punch me and kick my butt, my solitary games were enough to make me happy. I had a strange obsession with myself; I believed that I am awesome. Teachers liked to tease me for I was always looking unkempt and messy; but meh, I'm awesome. It was a chronic narcissistic disorder. I fell in love with myself, sort of. I would stand in front of mirrors and say: " God, I'm perfect".

             A narcissistic disorder is sick and wrong. Assuming oneself is super awesome induces hyper-confidence and tends  to irk everybody else, especially if you are a maladroit kid with a cantankerous behavior. Narcissism makes you feel good even if your exam results are ineffably bad. Hyper-optimism, I guess. But at least being narcissistic is better than having inferiority complex.

               Inferiority complex is ubiquitous, too many people have that. They are apathetic to themselves and anybody else because of their feeling of inferiority. Out of place, incongruous. Kids who got bad results in exams can't speak up to a straight-A guy. Can't even walk beside them . Can't even look 'em in the eye. This is wrong. Seriously.

             Drivers and cooks feel that they can't be in a group with doctors and bankers. Security guards are always angry because they feel stupid. Well, I like to tell you how wrong that is.

"Say, "Each works according to his manner, but your Lord is most knowing of who is best guided in way." (Al-Isra; 84)

                 Every man and woman is designated to  do a certain job according to his skills. Should everyone becomes an engineer, who's gonna make delicious banana fries and  heavenly chocolates? My God, I can't imagine that. Doctors can't fix cars. Doctors can't sing. Doctors can't make good cookies. They got no time for that. Doctors' lives suck, even though their contributions are too many. There's really nothing to be so proud of being a doctor. Seriously.

                I heard a story once about eight siblings. 7 of them became doctors, bankers and professors, but the other one didn't even finish school. He blatantly assumed that he was born stupid, and therefore he felt inferior and useless. His siblings were all abroad and busy with their lives , rich and proud, but this guy stayed in the village. But then, their parents grew old and sickly, and this so-called uneducated guy took care of his parents until the very end , while his siblings were too busy even to make a phone call. He gets the biggest share in his deeds, better than the doctors and engineers. There is a reason for you being designated to a certain job.

                     The problem with having an inferiority complex is that you feel that you will fail at every occasion, and you cannot voice your hearts out. Nobody ever can claim that he is better than anybody else, and so nobody should feel inferior. Even janitors and toilet cleaners should be proud of their job-a clean work with an income halalan toyyiba, as long as you don't sell drugs and rape kids for fun.

                    I don't know what the world would be without teachers. I will never ride a car again without mechanics. Electricians light up my house and made it bright and colourful; doctors can go away, they can't even fix a light bulb. Whatever is your profession you should feel proud with it, inferiority brings you nowhere and makes me angry.

                  The next time we organize a job fair at school, you poor inferior people should grow a pair and contribute. Be proud of yourselves and join us, or your moms should regret having such pathetic children. We need you more than engineers and doctors, they are useless in various sorts of thing. They are imperfect and terribly busy, but you are different. You are simply awesome, and I love you so much for being so awesome. Be done with it. Only Allah knows whose deeds are the best-probably not doctors.


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