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Thursday, 9 August 2012


     I woke up this morning with a surprise. I am still alive. My fingers and limbs are completely here, none were plucked or cut off. This is a bizarre business indeed. My eyes do not belong to me. Not even an inch of my skin is my own. All of it belongs to the supreme Creator, the almighty Lord. I have sinned so much, and Allah still gives me the chance to live another day. He is indeed the Most Merciful. There is no reason for Him not to punish me for everything I did, and yet I am standing here, complete and healthy. I have lost hope in myself, yet He gives me another chance to repent, and change for the better.

           I look at the trees and the skies, how they grow tall and mighty, the birds flying fearlessly, the fields all green and subtle to behold. The One who made all this has the power to break my neck and split me in half, but he never did. I am here, alive and strong. Praise the Lord for giving us a chance to live another day, to fix ourselves into better men.

          My friend,

         We live our lives each  to different and diversified purposes. My  cat seemed to be nice with me for the sake of food alone. Without that, I am just an alien to its whole existence. Some kids fast so they can get more money. Some people get married because Facebook says that it is so wonderful. It's not. Politicians make crappy National Day song because they really want to lose the next election. Peter Jackson directs "The Hobbit" because The Lord of The Rings made so much money. There, my friend, we've got reasons for stuff.

              I am writing this because you cannot see reason , whatever I do to make it clear.

    Organizations exist for reasons. Prefects in school exist because teachers need a place to release their daily stress, and students need role models to despise and hate. Sorry.  UMNO exists as a safe platform for legalized robbers to plunder the nation's wealth. My village's JKKK exists because they should. Charity organizations exist because there are still a lot of good men walking upon the earth. Some organizations are unclear of their direction ; for whatever purpose ;we can't figure them out.

            For us students , we have a lot of groups and clubs. We are young and wild with the idea of a leadership to change the whole world, change everything and make it all new. We ridiculous kids strive for charity works and campaigns, most of it are those that the adults have lost hope in achieving. We are young men, hopeful youths! We can plan carnivals, summits, dinners the size of a whole district, countless forums and competitions. For what?

         Here's a list of things you should check before joining a group;

1. What kind of activities does this group do? Charity or training for assassins? Does it improves hablumminallah, and hablumminannas?

2. Is the organization free of the ideas of extremism, racism, and bigotry? Take Perkasa for an example; among groups that should have never existed.

3. Does this group support the corrupt government? If yes, then you really have to run away from them. I mean, really? How could you?

         Should you be wanting to commit in their activities and posts, consider this my friend. There are groups which are complete; the charity and organizational works, religious affiliations and strong , correct political stands. Why? Our religion is complete, it is not just rituals , but it constitutes human development, charity and politics among others; who are we to refuse them? Some organizations are  doing just  simple group works, and other groups focuses only on the rituals. If there are groups that are perfect, would you be joining the lesser ones?

      Some people  refuses to discuss this, citing unity measures and the freedom of diversity. Well, crap, I really don't care about that. This is just a simple guide in the form of questions, should you ask about it someday. If you still want to join groups which goes against the religion, supports the evil acts of the government, and displayed racist remarks, then go on  my friend. It is your choice, and I really don't care. Why should I?

         The thing is, we would be questioned about our choices in the Hereafter. Why did I marry this woman? She got a lot of pimples to begin with. Why did I let my cat live with so much allergies and infections? Why can't you just go on with your decision, since you don't really want to change it? Good day mate.


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