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Friday, 9 March 2012


                     I am no lawyer, nor am I a judge , but I'm a good fan of  law cases. Wait, there's a catch. Not the real life law cases , nope, never. I loved law stories in fictions, movies, novels, etcetera, etcetera. Nothing about the real life. Whoa, why? Simple, it is. The representation of justice in such books and movies is supremely perfect. They portrayed justice as an ultimate quest, terribly true to its meaning, and incredibly fair.
               Reading books about the law and investigations can give you chills , damn exhilarating, it is. You will embark on an adventurous investigation just like Sherlock Holmes, thriller like the Hunger Games-minus the killings. John Grisham is one great writer, I might say.
            However stereotype the story is, justice will always prevail. The cunning lawyer will seek every way to ensure the conviction of the criminal. The plaintiff will be harmed, threatened-maybe even killed, but the story goes on. The criminal might plot to just bomb  the court and escape miraculously alive, but justice will always be upheld. How wonderful. Predictable the plot is, but it is always a happiness when the protagonists succeed. The force is strong with the just people, I can feel it.
          However great those stories are, they are plainly utopia. Unreal world. Lies. Things doesn't happen that way in real life. The culprits always get away. The judges are probably corrupt. The lawyers are inept of such skill of investigation and speech. The force is strong with the criminals, the dark side, the tyrant and the corrupt .

            " And do not consume one another's wealth unjustly or send it [in bribery] to the rulers in order that [they might aid] you [to] consume a portion of the wealth of the people in sin, while you know [it is unlawful]."  
(Surah Al-Baqarah, 188)  

             The corrupt Emperor of the  Empire had the power to persuade the men of justice to join him in the Dark Side. Sorry, this terrible Star Wars representation is a supreme analogy. The Dark Lord controls the courts of justice , making innocent men guilty, and the criminals walk away freely. They are blinded with power and wealth, they forgot that the world is not forever. The Dark Side will always fall.
                Welcome aboard  our galactic kangaroo courts. This , an adventure you will prevail, and you must persevere. I will now begin to elaborate the tidings and the fashion of the court , and this, you must know, or else you will suffer and lose.
              I am a commoner, I know nothing of the law, but a commoner I am, a common sense I have. This kangaroo court is a funny show to the public, spread through newspapers and the media, but it seems that people failed to comprehend the jokes this kangaroo court is trying to tell. Why is it called a kangaroo court? This is not an insult to Australians, seriously. Kangaroos  do not judge people. They hop around, breed, rear children and eat. Kangaroos, when approached by lawyers, they hop away. When criminals come to them, they still hop away. Even when approached by discriminated people, the ghosts of murdered Mongolians, the kangaroos will just hop away. Hop kangaroo hop!
           However, we might be forgetting one fact. Kangaroos have pouches for their children. Kangaroos are great mothers, and I do not want to insult them. Sorry kangaroos. This kangaroo court is different. These servants of the dark side use their pouches to protect the rich criminals,  the corrupt ministers of the Emperor, and cover their wrongdoings. The justice had been infiltrated by the dark side.
          Of course , there are judges and lawyers that stayed on their course, they remained true to their nature as servants of justice. These men will always be threatened by the force of the Emperor. The just men will be sacked, their names smeared, their pride taken away, just because they chose to be just. Let them serve their true tasks, and let us elaborate further about this Kangaroo court.
                The kangaroo court once faced the murder of a woman from the Mongulon planet, bombed to death upon planet earth. She was said to had came to this planet for an unfinished business, but some earthlings cannot bear her presence, and wished her goodbye.

"Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin's long awaited judgement of his verdict in the murder trial of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, in which he dismissed the importance of motive in judging a murder case, has been described as a 'first' in Malaysian legal history.

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu in his reaction to the judgement said a murder would always have motive.

"The motive of the murder must be established. It is what draws and incites a person to commit murder. People don't just kill for no reason," said Mat Sabu.
In 2006, Altantuya, who had an affair with Abdul Razak Baginda, a former aide to then deputy prime minister Najib Razak, was found brutally murdered in November 2006.
The trial concluded in 2009 with the conviction of Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar, two security personnel whose faces had been carefully concealed by the police throughout the lengthy trial, up to the day they were handed out the death sentence. 
In his judgement however, the judge avoided the subject of the murder motive of the two security personnel.

"Whatever the motive was, it is a matter of law that the motive, although relevant, has never been the essential to constitute murder," said Zaki in his 70-page judgement.

Mat Sabu meanwhile said the judgement only confirmed public perception that the convicted duo were only taking orders in carrying out the murder.

"It is inconceivable that these two members of the special forces unit would commit murder by their whim and fancy without any reason," he added.-harakahdaily.

           Imagine two cops, who probably never had a business with the poor woman, suddenly brought her to a hidden place, and bombed her alive. Imagine that I never had problem with some guy, I never knew him, but I decided to catch him, tie his limbs and put some C4 in his brains.  Good luck.

             Kill without any whim or fancy. A license to kill? Sounds like James Bond to me.

The Prophet (saw) said: “Judges are of three types, one of whom will go to Paradise and two to Hell. The one who will go to Paradise is a man who knows what is right and gives judgment accordingly; but a man who knows what is right and acts tyrannically in his judgment will go to Hell; and a man who gives judgment for people when he is ignorant will go to Hell."

This corruption done by the kangaroo court is overwhelming. Disastrous, I might say.  Justice must be restored, and the Dark Lord must be defeated. This kangaroo court must exist no more!

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