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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Losers Club

                   Welcome to the Losers Club. I'm just proud to acknowledge you about the existence of such ridiculous club, but it does exist. Not literally, though. The club is widespread around the world , with members reaching millions. I would like to warn you however, this club is extraordinarily cool, a supreme loser's lair. Just don't be too surprised.

 We have membership from all edges of the earth. More than Facebook's registered users, I guarantee you. What, you don't believe me? This Losers Club is now the mainstream, the trend among people of all ages. The members, of course, are losers. We got plenty.

                           We accept membership from people who does not know the purpose of their life, or those who know but just never even care, or those who lost hope upon themselves. People who just lost their reason for doing things. Or worse, they don't understand the reason.

                 "Understanding the reason for doing things is vital. It keeps you going." Cool quote, but not from me, my sister said that-it's super inspirational.

                  A simple example is me myself, taking Physics in my preparation course, while my targeted degree is Economics. It just seems wrong, blasphemous for Economics, brain deviating .Physics=Economics? It just doesn't make sense. I don't have a reason for that. I got no benefit doing it, I just followed the system. To hell with the system. When I lost my reason, I don't have a cause to learn it. Useless it is, useless it was. This, officially registers someone with the Losers Club. Lost reasoning, then starts producing tonnes of excuses for not doing it. Simple as that, and so, welcome to the club.

                      People who doesn't have a reason , they do not simply do stuff. They become doppelgangers of locus eaters-sorry, too complicated. They lost motivation to do everything, in other words, they become full-fledged losers. They do not study, they sleep most of the time, and they spend time imagining utopia. Members of the club which we are proud of. They get bonus credits and coupons to cinemas for that , you know?

                         The objective of the club is to be losers, and then eventually lose everything. The president of the club is one scumbag who does nothing but beg for money on the streets although he got perfect limbs and a healthy brain. The vice president is one drug dealer who shot his grandfather for fun. We are internationally organised as perfect losers, aiming for the main objective. We are protected from prejudiced comments, because they are considered racist, and well, prejudiced. Hey, losers are humans too! There's an act that defends losers from assault or racist reviews from others. Loser's rights , I might say.

                           Basic members are those who just follow the system, without reasoning, but did nothing to change it. They are part of the insignificant 7 billion people, a grain of sand in the vast universe. Insignificant . Small. Ignorant. Why did you do that? For what? I don't know, my parents told me to. I don't know, my friends did the same thing. I don't know , everyone does this.


                      General members are those who acknowledge their loss of reason, and starts making harmonious changes. These people can be identified by their supreme laziness, inability to act human, or their superb ignorance. They failed in all exams, why care? People are dying in thousands? Meh, people die every day. The world is in war? I'll just go watch Twilight.

                         You need to know that one of the basic terms of membership is the social awkwardness that one possess. If he's socially popular, then he's not a loser, but probably a douche bag or something . They lost their reason to live, so why bother meeting with people? Simple as that. It is vital that a member possess the inability to mix with others, and not because they are just timid, but they just do not care. Our members are the best producers of excuses , and probably professional liars.

             I'm not writing this for fun. This is painful to write. This is just too much. What? Losers Club? Seriously?

                  We need to have a reason for doing things. Like the government, they have explicit and superb reasons to work. They need to work hard to get direct tenders and run away with all the money. If you don't work hard, how can you buy condominiums and cars worth hundreds of millions? This is the motivation. But no, this is just wrong.

                  Humans are all losers, unless they have a reason to live. If we don't have a reason to live, why don't we just die, or start breeding with animals to kickstart a new generation? Did we just pop out of the earth, grew up, get fat, get married, worked a bit, then die? What a worthless way of living. This is why our membership is infinite.

 Wait, do I have a reason to write this?


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