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Friday, 10 February 2012


                   It is indeed a bitter fact that the truth is not always something good. The truth is not always something fun. It turns out that reality is indeed harsh-so stop picturing a utopia ,get out from your imaginations. Get a real life.

           A positive psychology, in the other hand, is a way of thinking that suggests and pictures everything in a positive, harmonic way. Someone like this tends to take everything from the good side. The world is so peaceful and calm with this kind of thinking, but, seriously , there's something not quite right with it.

           This immense positivity is indeed, terribly positive. Let's say some people decides to celebrate Valentine's Day. A positive minds translate this as a celebration of love, a demonstration of love, a show that we care for each other, hell yeah! This positiveness rocks. If I love someone, I don't need to demonstrate it to everyone. I don't need a day to love. Love everyone , every day, will we?  That specific day of celebrating love is a disguised means of allowing illicit behavior and a tendency to have a baby the next nine months. Celebrate!
                Such positivity is disguised in other names; tolerance, or understanding, perhaps. We see people dancing and jiggling and showing off their bodies; well, we should be positive, shouldn't we? It is a healthy sport, a good way to socialize , to be happy. So why question such healthy activity?

                 Positivity kills you and everyone around you. Yeah, people around us don't pray, so we just show that we pray, wait for it, and somehow, someday , they will magically start praying and reciting the Quran. Indeed, positive psychology is wondrous, magical and full of optimism.
  We return to the subject that truth is not always something fun. Truth is bitter. Positive minded people does not want to even consider the bitter part of truth, they don't talk about it, they cannot see it, they cannot discuss about it, they reject it. They tend to alienate it, although this bitterness is the very part of their own lives.

               Telling the truth is not a form of extremism. Seriously. Let's say that a husband cheated on his wife, and the scandal became known to her. The wife decides to question the husband, but he rejected her claims. Then the husband says to her, "You are very extreme, you can't say that. Let's look at the bright side. You are old , and my mistress is lovely. Can't you just ignore the bitter truth, and live with it, so we can both have fun?"

            To make it simple, we must face reality. I had had enough of my own, so I do know it, you have to face it. This is truth; we become old, we will be sick, your parents will die, you have a choice of hell and heaven, you have the choice to ignore or to think about this. Ignorance leads us to nowhere.

              Ignorance is terribly bliss, yeah, mind our own business, mind your own business. A positive man is always happy, but is that happiness genuine? You can't close your eyes and stop listening forever.

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