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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Long Live the Ducks

                    In my university , there are a lot of ducks. The ducks come in various species and types, size and colour. The University Park Lakeside is the habitat for several types of geese and a  number of swans. Swans here are so majestic and beloved that they are protected by the Crown- the freaking Queen herself. These water fowls  are always there in large numbers, be it summer , winter, spring or fall. I had spent so much time watching ducks that I decided to write about them. It seems that I am so obsessed with the ducks, that I spent more time watching ducks than studying.

                 Them ducks are friendly creatures; especially if you have bread in your hands.   If I am with those ducks in Malaysia, they would be safe in the warmth of ovens and hot soup, but people here does not seem to eat them. I watched those ducks with an eager feeling to catch one and roast it at home, but all to no avail.      

         My friend told me that the ducks are creatures with a  defunct digestion system. I was told that they do not absorb whatever they eat, instead they process it all into loads of duck shit. It is a mystery that they are able to live healthily in large numbers, as their source of nutrients are presently unknown. I figured that Nottingham ducks have evolved into beings able to absorb nutrients from the sunlight, or turn molecules in the air into glucose through alchemy. Being a student of Economics with no knowledge in animal sciences whatsoever, this is the most reasonable conclusion that I could come up with.

              As a result , those ducks produce a lot of waste, so much that the whole place is covered with it. The university is a place with wide, green fields, and imagine myself as an excited foreigner who tried to frolic with the green grass in September last year. I found myself covered in duck shit.

                The ducks have betrayed my expectations about studying overseas. I mean, how could they? I started to resent the ducks ever since, as they refuse to respect my wishes and dreams. I found out soon after the 'rolling in shit'  accident that there is no grass in this place that is safe to step on. I digress that, perhaps,  this was the original reason that some people forbid others from stepping on the grass.  It is also the reason that the local people never sat on the grass , as opposed to us foreigners.

                  I will not write about ducks if they did not literally shit all over the place. It is a shame that while the place is so beautiful , one cannot even feel peace and safe while walking around. The ducks are indeed abominations that deserve being roasted or fried alive.

         But then spring came.  I wish you were here so that you can witness yourself how beautiful the fields are right now. Pink cherry blossoms crowned the sakura trees white. Yellow and orange daffodils bloom in large spots under the trees. The changing of seasons made me feel as if I was sent to another kingdom of fairy tale proportions. Trees began to sprout new leaves after two seasons of cold and decay. I saw that all the layers over layers of duck shit were made in preparation for this; sakura trees out of Japan  and flowers all over the field. It made me feel grateful that I broke my leg, since I had the chance to watch the seasons change longer than anybody else does; because I hop around so slowly.

                 I started to thank the ducks and appreciate their beauty, since their heaps of shit turned into a sight so beautiful, I wish I can draw them here. Isn't it wonderful that something so dirty and disgusting to my eyes  turned into majestic sakura trees, and brightly coloured flowers?

[94:6] Surely there is ease after hardship.
[94:7] Aye, surely there is ease after hardship.

                 I learned from the ducks then that bad things happen in preparation of something good; something of heavenly proportions. It made me believe that  after all the tragedy and bad news happening in our country , there would be something bright at the end of the road. Something happy and not depressing in particular. I also made myself promise, that should I ever cook a duck, I would cook them with love and passion.


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