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Friday, 7 December 2012


                  I have no way to describe how beautiful is a morning. The dark skies punctured by flickers of sunrise, in the wee hours of the morning , my friend, is a beauty beyond comparison. I don't know how you see it, but as a colour-blinded guy, I  always see the morning sky with a purplish hue and little smudges of white. This is not the 10 am type of morning my friend, this is the breaking dawn. Not that weird ,awful movie, this is the real thing.

              I haven't seen it for a while, and I wonder how it looks now .  In this hot tropical country, this hour is the coldest of all. The leaves and the shy morning flowers are all covered with dew. The land is soft with moisture, and it gives a spongy feeling when you step on them, like a red carpet celebrating your arrival. It made you feel like a king, because you are all alone there, while others are sound asleep. You have the power to wake up, my friend, while others are slumped under their blankets.

        It is cold , but there is no need to get in sweaters, as it will really be warm soon.  As you tread upon the wet grass you can hear the birds singing; they celebrate the beginning of a new day. The crickets make their final songs heard before the night show ends, and the animals of the day would take their places.  

             The moon in the morning is nothing like the one in the night. They called it ' getsuga' in Japan. I really like that word.  The night is over, yet why is the moon still there? It kept me company in the dawn, until the sun rises, and it faded from sight. It has been a long time since we saw a getsuga, my friend, and I have started to forget how does it looks like.

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         I can't deny the fact that even though the morning is such a beauty, it is also the most tempting time to sleep. The comfort it gives when you snuggle under your thick layer of blanket, damn, I feel sleepy. It feels like someone you love so much gives you the warmest hug ever. You don't want to let the blanket go. The pillow is your best companion. Nothing can separate us  now, not even yells from an angry mom, or a splash of water on your face by a bored dad. If your young sister dare to just tickle your foot to wake you up, there is always the falcon kick , usable for in-sleep defense. Poor child.

            But you haven't seen the morning skies, have you? How do you know that such a short slumber is better than this precious beauty my friend?

            I love stating the obvious, you see, as the obvious things are the ones we almost always forget.

           Have you forgotten how beautiful it is when the clouds part to give way to the rays of light? Man, this is painful to write. The morning signifies a new hope and a new beginning, and how do you hope to change if you don't even begin? Our prophet promised us blessings for those early risers, to the ones who appreciate the beauty of a morning. Our time as youth is the best time to savour the brilliance of the morning, before we 
become adults who view mornings as hasty breakfasts , traffic jams and exhaust smoke.

                I want to change, my friend. I missed the beauty of the morning. Wake up. Let us pray.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYbCBQCfjT0
    Beautiful light of dawn.