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Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Letter to a Friend~

                  So long, my friend, we meet again, after such long days we endured. It is within my greatest regret that I should write such a peculiar letter; whilst knowing that any of us despise criticism and prefer appraisal over anything. But, my friend, considering that we do have a lot in common, I feel naught but to act in order to reduce the discrepancies over unresolved matters.

                My friend,
            I acknowledge with fear the presence of an unyielding need of fun beneath our fragile selves. That mischievous creature is called lust , my friend, and it creeps deep in the veins and engulfs the mind with uncertainty. Lust, as we call it, tends to confuse us between right and wrong, it befuddles us with enthusiasm. Always, when our eyes see something as infinite pleasure, we cannot stop ourselves from conjuring it, we forget that  we have a bond and a contract with the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

        This letter, I write with secrecy and peculiar literacy , my friend, so none can understand but you, and you alone.

              We were brought up in the same atmosphere, my friend, the teachers know not but to care that we do not fall into the deeps of hell. Fragile, we were , as kids, but them adults knew better what they should tell us. Although I never met you before we have come to age, I know with certainty of how perfect was the education of yours; although probably in the early years. I've met the comrades of yours before I know you my friend; my, they are the best men I've ever met, they walk upon this earth like angels, they hold true to themselves and their identity.

          Our teachers taught us with care, that we should stay away from forbidden acts; and you know what that is. The deeds of the Men of the West shall not be followed by any way possible, because they are not us, they despise our religion, and they go against it. We were guided with our prayers and our clean souls, that time when we were kids, far away from all this ridiculous stuff. It was written in the Protocols of Zion that man should fall to their lowest ebb, before they can be conquered and overpowered.

"And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance." If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper."( Al-Baqarah; 120)

          My friend,
          There might be a time when the courage of Muslims fails, and the bonds between us break, but today is not that day. It is never too late to look back and repent ourselves, as Allah is always the most merciful. Oh to be young, and to feel the pleasurable pain of love. My friend, should you happen to like a woman, you go and ask her hand in marriage, and that will suit you best in the blessings of Allah. A gentleman like us does not choose to frolick with women we love in public , like the Men of the West. It is shameful that we happen to know that the act is wrong, yet we deny it  in our hearts and decided to go all YOLO over it. Damn, my friend, dafuq happened to you?

              Gallant were the ways of the Men of the West. They  fancy dancing and a bucket of filthy ale. Their women dress in splendid glittering dresses which pronounces their protruding youth and arouses every eye that sees. They know not that such act is not allowed in our civilized society, so the blame should not be put upon their unknowing shoulders. It is us who know and acknowledge the fact in our daily lives. Our recitals and prayers should have taken care of us, but we strayed way this particular time. I tried to stay put to my principles, and you my friend, must follow me, because together we are strong, and together we cannot go astray.

"And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way."( Al-Isra' ; 32)

                    My friend,
       It is utter  madness to say that we should follow the customs of  a country should we decide to travel there. If I happen to travel to Japan, my friend, it is not of necessity that I become a Japanese. I do not have to consume sake and dye my hair red. I am who I am, a proud muslim, although that lazy part needs some repairing. Some of us who would be learning with the Men of the West metamorphed into the non-believers themselves. They found that the act to frolick with a girl without the necessary bond of marriage is nothing to be feeling guilty of. Bourbons and vodkas are enjoyable, they said. What the hell, I said. Oh the might of true love, one might travel across mountains of ice and waddle through seas of fire. Wait..Will you? Will you go through a hell of fire for that short twinge of fun? Really? Is it really that exhilarating, my friend?

             We will go old, wrinkled and probably fat and saggy. So will be our wives of old, ugly they will be, for the age of youth is short and temperamental. Let us not let our days be the days of regret and despair, but let us make it the days of peace , where will feel content of our youthful deeds. There are wars to fight, my friend, a nation we can help rebuilt, and a Deen that we must live with, with pride and honour. That, my friend, will not be done  with the acts of lovebirds.

                Dear friend,
              Let us not let the trinkets of this world fool us and take us away. Life is nothing but a short getaway, where we recollect ourselves with as much deed as we can. I love you, my friend, as a comrade in battles that have yet to come, and because of that we must not fall.

There are promises we have made before, my friend,

Never forget,

never forget.


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